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TriGlo - 3-in-1 Lamp

TriGlo - 3-in-1 Lamp

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• Lamp / Lantern / Flashlight

• Up to 12 hours of continuous light on a single charge



Dimensions - 5.5'' x 1.5'' x 7.5'' / 142x37x194 mm

Weight - 0.5 lbs / 230g

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Are you tired of stumbling through the darkness when you wake up in the middle of the night? Do you yearn for a solution that provides gentle illumination without disrupting your sleep?

Our night light offers the perfect solution with its adjustable brightness settings. With a simple touch, you can choose the ideal level of illumination to suit your needs, ensuring you can effortlessly find your way without disturbing your precious sleep cycle.

Light up Your Reading Experience

Do you love to lose yourself in the pages of a captivating book late into the night? Our TriGlois an absolute must-have for all the bookworms out there.

Switch to flashlight modeand enjoy the perfect amount of focused light that won't disturb your sleeping partner.

With this portable and lightweight device by your side, you can dive into your favorite stories without straining your eyes or relying on bulky bedside lamps.

  • Lamp

    Adjustable, focused light, ideal for reading at night.

  • Flashlight

    Lightweight and portable, easy to carry around the house or on a camping trip!

  • Lantern

    Provides a cozy atmosphere and illuminates a larger area. Great option for a night stand.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Joanna Brown
Neat design

Very pleased with my lamp, it’s well designed and easy to use,

Serene chan
Good quality

We love the new lamp which works well and easy to charge. So no batteries needed. Highly recommend.

Oregon Y.
Great little light!

Our pantry is more like a closet and theres no lighting there so things were getting lost. With this light, I can now SEE what is on the shelves, even in the back corner! The battery seems to last quite a long while too. I like that I can adjust the angle to shine where I need it. I put a hook up above the door on the inside where it hangs most of the time; however, it is easy to grab it to shine specifically if I'm trying to read a tiny label.

R. Stevenson
Love it, great for reading!

Beautiful modern design, I mainly use it for reading at night. The color of the light is warm and easy on the eyes. My daughter loves it too great purchase!

Gigi L.
Perfect for my studio

Love it for the soft light while working in my art studio.