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contour neck pillow

contour neck pillow

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Heal neck pain and fix your posture while sleeping

relieve neck disc herniation, stenosis and shoulder pain while sleeping

With a soft and breathable design, our contour neck pillow is designed to naturally align your cervical spine while you rest, alleviating headaches, neck or shoulder pain.

restful nights for back and side sleepers

The middle of the pillow is designed with a perfect 26-degree angle for those that prefer to sleep on their back, and both sides are adjusted for side sleepers.

memory foam for maximum comfort

Filled with premium bamboo knitted memory foam, it is skin friendly and extremely breathable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

I absolutely love this pillow. It's comfortable, pliable and relieves the tension in the back of my neck. I have been sleeping on my back with the pillow under my neck. And it seems to be helping with my forward head tilt.

Hannah L.

If you wake up with neck pain and/or headaches like me I highly recommend this item. You can pair it with your pillow and it supports your neck through the night. I'm a side sleeper and it's excellent for that. I have no complaints it's perfect.


Its comfy and supports my neck good i just wish it was alittle thicker


Due to chronic neck issues, a number of years ago, my chiropractor had suggested the use of this type of pillow for some therapy on a regular basis. I've had various similar pillows over the years. This one is a little smaller diameter than the others I've had, and the memory foam is awesome. Very comfortable to use, and seems to be effective for me.


I have been through 10+ pillows, trying to find something for my bad neck. So far this has worked pretty good. I am typically a side sleeper but find it works best when I sleep on my back. I use a pillow case as well as I didn't want to mess with taking on and off the soft zip cover. It took a couple days to get used to only having support at the neck and not for the entire head.