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neck traction device

neck traction device

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Naturally prevent or relieve chronic neck, shoulder & arm pain in minutes, restore a healthy posture, & avoid further injuries.

☑️ decompress & repair your vertebrae
☑️ relax tense muscles (air decompression)
☑️ no more pills with harmful side-effects

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  • 100% money-back guarantee
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eliminate agonizing neck, shoulder, and arm pain at home

Years of hard work, prolonged sitting, & bad posture applies damaging tension to your vertebrae. This causes your neck discs to squeeze out of place & put pressure on your nerves, leading to that sharp pain and numbness in your neck, shoulders, and down your arm.

The Neck Traction Device instantly solves the root cause of your discomfort by gently stretching your neck and decompressing your vertebrae - allowing herniated or bulging discs to retract & repair.

This takes damaging tension off your spinal nerves, leaving you with a healthy, pain-free neck & a smile on your face. Forever.

heal your cervical spine permanently 

Stretching only relieves the pain momentarily, while chiropractor bills stack up quickly, and - as soon as you stop going - the pain returns.

The Neck Traction Device uses air inflation and compression to add traction to your neck, giving your tense vertebrae a well-needed break to relax, repair, & release all the damaging pressure built-up over the years from inflamed nerves.

Naturally decompressing your spine with the Neck Traction Device rehabilitates damaged spinal structures & muscles, alleviates pain, & fully restores your mobility.

prevent future injuries & correct posture

The Neck Traction Device naturally restores the optimal curvature of your neck vertebrae, & retrains your muscles to maintain a healthy posture for good, thus removing the stress from the vital areas of your neck and shoulders.

  • Stretching your neck with Neck Traction Device reduces tension headaches & migraines

better sleep. less stress.

Designed to ease pain & stabilize the spine, the Neck Traction Device, using air inflation and decompression, restores the natural curvature of your neck, corrects your posture, and decompresses your spinal discs. 

  • proven to help you sleep better, deeper, and wake up more refreshed & focused
  • herniated disc

    Gently stretches the neck and creates space between the vertebrae, which can reduce pressure on the affected disc and alleviate pain and discomfort.

    This may also help improve blood flow and nutrient supply to the affected area, promoting healing.

  • neck pain

    Our traction device ads much needed support to an aching neck, relieving your neck muscles from the strain and giving them time to rest and recover.

  • shoulder pain

    Helps shoulder pain by reducing tension in the neck and upper back muscles, which are interconnected with the shoulder area.

    By decompressing the cervical spine and improving posture, it may alleviate strain and discomfort in the shoulders. 

designed & recommended by medical professionals

The newest version of the Neck Traction Device has been thoroughly tested and endorsed by chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors.

  • get long-term results for less than 1/5 the cost of a therapy session

7,900+ necks saved

When we started out, we had no idea that our Neck Traction Device would help so many people finally enjoy their lives painlessly, and we promise to continue innovating & supporting you in your everyday activities.


How much time until I feel better?

About 10 minutes. That's how long it takes for your discomfort to start dissipating.

Daily consistency is most important in fixing the root cause of pain.

How do I use it?

1. While the device is deflated, place the traction device around your neck and secure the Velcro straps

2. Once secured, start pumping the air inflation pump till you feel a slight traction on your neck.

3. Rest on it for 10 minutes!

Will this help my specific issue?

Our neck traction device is ideal for treating herniated discs, tension headaches, chronic neck, shoulder, arm pain, and migraines.

Can I use it while laying down?

Yes! We designed this device to be portable. You can use this device not just laying down but while watching TV, in the car, walking around, in the plane, and much more locations.

What if I find it uncomfortable?

That's completely normal!We built our neck traction device to be comfortable and soft to prevent any choking feeling.It might take 1-2 sessions to get used to but you'll already start feeling better before that.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Our neck stretcher comes with a 60-day money back guarantee because we're extremely confident it'll offer you relief from herniated discs and back pain. If you're not fully satisfied, we'll return your money.

Worldwide shipping

Order now and relieve your pain in 8-14 business days thanks to our worldwide, tracked, and insured shipping straight to your door.

Customer Reviews

Based on 495 reviews
Bradley White
C7 arthritis, neck and shoulder pain

I have had the product for 4 days and have noticed a significant decrease in pain and aches to the neck and shoulder area.


I wish this was introduced to me when I was rear ended in a car accident in 2015. It left me with a protruding disc which has caused me pain ever since. Did numerous therapies and got about 4 epidural injections ... I never got a resolve. THIS GIVES ME A FASTER RELIEF WHENEVER THIS NECK PAIN IS TRIGGERED. My family has been most supportive with the pain. I deal with everyday and continue to do research to find anything that can help me... and my brother didn't hesitate to send me a picture of this as soon as he came across what it could do. I have one on my bedroom and another one I carry with me everywhere I go. Now I can function a lot better when I get pain in my neck than I did before because I can immediately wear this for relief whenever pain is unbearable.


Very easy to figure out. Definitely stretches out my neck. Keeps me pain free between chiropractor appointments. It does feel similar to the neck traction that I get at my chiropractor. I like that it's soft and easy to adjust, and will continue using.


Got this today and just finished wearing it for 15 mins. Easy to use, no pain, and I could feel it stretching my neck which I desperately wanted. You can also feel it stretching your pectoral muscles. It makes you want to sit up straight...mainly so you can breath...but that's a good thing. So my initial response is a 5 star. I'll be back later to update my review.


This is my third cervical traction device I’ve tried. Both of the others were over the door, one you fill with water which was an absolute nightmare, don’t get that one! The other, is okay, you have a handle to pull for stretching but over the door ones are such a pain to set up, get yourself in the right position, get it to fit head etc. The head braces on those are always so uncomfortable and I feel like I’m being choked. This one is so comfortable, easy to use, I don’t have to be awkwardly sitting in front of a door, can use it in bed or while watching tv, , you can slowly let the air out and have your neck slowly come down to normal position instead of just dropping it down (over the door ones, and I love that it’s easy to travel with since I’ll be gone for more than a month traveling this summer. I like to stretch my neck usually once a week before it starts getting sore again from bulging discs. Highly suggest this.